If you read my new year resolutions, I’m all about being vulnerable and trying new things this year. I feel like exciting things happen once you get out of your comfort zone. Each time I surprise myself that I’m smarter, stronger, and more competent than I think! Like picking up snowboarding or learning a new language. It’s especially fun to try new things as a couple, because we cheer each other on and laugh if we totally fail. Like that time Brad trusted me with the clippers and I accidentally shaved his head bald — or the time I rollerbladed behind his bike and ate my trash on the sidewalk! Hahaha — Every time we get out of our “norm”, we walk away laughing and feeling more connected.

Brad has challenged me to try something new, and it is to GET MOVING! Like trying new sports and actually “working out”. I guess those jumping jacks in the living room don’t count anymore. 😉 At first I was like, “I know I just got out of a long pregnancy, so I can take a hint, babe…” 😉 But I’m actually pretty stoked about this. Especially because we can do it together! Like play soccer, basketball, and tennis… I’ve actually never played tennis before — Who am I!? Thanks to a soccer ball breaking my wrist in elementary school, and a basketball nailing me in face (knocking me to the ground) in gym class — I’m officially afraid of the ball in all sports. So Brad is basically throwing me in the fire with this! And I’m beginning to think that he gave me this challenge just for the entertainment factor!? Haha — Either way, it feels SO GOOD to get moving, and we have already had some pretty good laughs. I tried jumping rope, and you can probably imagine what happened with my post pregnancy body! Hahah – I had to walk around with a jacket tied around my waist…

Speaking of jackets, how rad are these new workout clothes from J. Crew!? J. Crew just did a collaboration with New Balance, and I swear every piece was made for me! Give me all the blue stripes! 😉

Shop my look here, and Brad’s look here.