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2016 has been such an incredible year. We made so many new friends, traveled to new places, started a new business, and added the chunkiest bundle of joy to our family! I am so excited for this new year, and cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store — We are ready for a wild ride!

My 2017 resolutions:
Work on confidence – Be more thoughtful – Express my strong suits – Be more tidy – Keep car clean(ish) – Put toilet paper ON the roller – Keep our plants alive – Early to bed, early to rise – More ‘Hailey & Brad’ time – BE PRESENT – Enjoy my babies – Enjoy my Brad – Find more service opportunities – Pray more meaningful – Get out of my comfort zone – Try new things – Learn how to do my makeup – Try to buy something that isn’t BLUE – Quit comparing – Share more real moments – Be more vulnerable – Read scriptures daily – LISTEN – Be open to new friendships – Find creative inspiration – Create something beautiful – Make time for things that I enjoy – Laugh a little more – Speak kindly – Make eye contact – Be more forgiving – Become a better writer.

Poncho: Anthropologie

PSSST: Here are the videos I gifted our families for Christmas this year — it’s a recap of our year together! I love that I’ve been continuing this tradition for FIVE years now — it’s so fun to watch our family grow over the years, and I love that Lucy will have these videos to remind her of her childhood with her cousins. This is by far my favorite gift that I gave this year!

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