Greta Jade Devine
Born on September 27th, at 8:30am
7 lbs 14 ozs – 20 3/4 inches
Our baby is here, and she is a GIRL! I cannot get over how absolutely perfect and precious she is. My labor started on Monday — I got my membranes stripped around 2pm, and I immediately knew that things were going to happen pretty quick after that. I could just feel it! My doctor said not to wait too long to come in once I started to feel contractions because I was already dilated to a 5. After my appointment I went home, put Lucy down for a nap, and started feeling contractions! Ah! I was starting to feel sick to my stomach because I was so nervous, so Brad gave me the sweetest blessing and it gave me so much comfort. My mother in law Gladys came to pick up Lucy, and I told her “Lucy, next time you see me, we will have a baby!” and she covered her mouth all excited. She said “Bye Mom! Have fuuuuun!” and we all laughed our heads off! Little did she know all the pain I was in for, in the next 24 hours. 😉 I was contracting about every 8-10 minutes, but it was dinner time so we quickly dropped by Zupas (my favorite) on the way to the hospital. I was about to lose my composure when the people in front of us were taking FOREVER to order! They were probably like, “What is that chick’s deal!?” with the looks I was putting off! Ha! Brad was so sweet and concerned through it all. He would have shoved them out of the way, if I told him to! 😉 We quickly ate, and checked into labor and delivery. There’s a phone at the door to get in, and I didn’t know what to say when they asked “How may we help you?” I was like “Uhh, I think I’m having a baby..” Hahah! We went to one of the holding rooms and got hooked up to the monitors. We sat and watched the presidential debate while we waited and I joked about how I didn’t know what gave me more anxiety… watching the debate, or being in labor! Ha! My contractions slowed down, so I thought that they would for sure send us back home… But to my surprise, my dilation progressed to a 6! So they admitted us around 8pm. The nurse nonchalantly said “Let me go call Dr. Johnson, he’s the doctor on call tonight.” and I was like “Wait, what!!?” – I guess if you deliver after working hours, you just get whatever doctor is on call. I was seriously so bummed because I’ve talked to Dr. Johnson on the phone before(I’m using a different name, so that I don’t slander this doctor’s name haha) and he made me feel way dumb about what I was calling about – Plus, I was just really looking forward to my doctor delivering this baby. I just really like him. Brad and I put up a fight to have my doctor come in, but the nurses said that he turned off his phone and pager for the night. So we came up with a plan to try and lay low, let the labor come as slow as possible, and wait through the night for my doctor to come in the morning! I got my IV (the first worst part) and then squirmed pretty bad for my epidural (The second worst part) but our anesthesiologist was really good at conversation and keeping me distracted. He was quick and got my body perfectly numb! I could still move my legs which was awesome, but I was unable to feel any pain. With my previous delivery, I didn’t numb on my left side, so this was a miracle! Anyway, it was a long night… I got a fever, and felt too uncomfortable to sleep. I slept from about 3am – 7am, and I was so happy that we made it until morning! I wanted to cry happy tears when my doctor walked in – haha! My mother in law gave him a huge hug. He broke my water, and all of our family that we wanted to have in the room arrived. We had both of our Mom’s, my sisters, and my brother Trevor there to film. Trev successfully filmed my first birth without seeing any of my privates haha! So I was excited he was willing to do this for me again. 😉 They all arrived perfectly on time, right before I needed to push! My nurses probably thought I was nuts having so many crazy loud people in there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love laughing my way through delivery. I started pushing, and everyone started to freak out, saying that they could see the head already! I pushed about five times, and then the baby was out! I was honestly shocked, because with my first delivery I pushed for three and a half hours. I looked at Brad waiting for him to shout the gender, as he was looking at the baby in different angles, trying to see between the baby’s legs! Haha! This big, fat, blue baby got placed on my chest right as Brad shouted “It’s a girl!” and everyone was ‘awwwing’ over how cute she was. I was filled with so much excitement to get another girl, and that Lucy got a little sister! Ah! It felt so perfectly right. I was trying to see her face because she got placed with her back facing me! She wasn’t crying which made me worried, so I was super frazzled those first few seconds. She quickly got flipped around so that I could see her, and I started to tear up. She looked so familiar! Although she was swollen and smashed, she was so beautiful. My sweet baby girl. We laughed over her chunky cleavage, and my Mom started picking apart every detail saying who she thinks she looks like. She does it with everyone and it cracks me up. She was like, “Gladys! (Brad’s Mom) She has your fingernails!” Hahahha! I was dyyyying. They slipped baby girl into my gown for skin-on-skin, and it was pure heaven. She was covered in white goop, but I didn’t even care! I started kissing her all over. She started to get color in her face, which put me at ease, and let me enjoy the moment. She was so content lying on my chest, and I felt that immediate connection and love for her. Everyone left the room for Brad and I to have some alone time with her, and I could have basked on those moments forever. To watch Brad become a father of another little girl, was truly indescribable.A huge THANK YOU to my sister Heather for capturing these photos, and my brother Trevor for filming majority of this video. They are priceless gifts!