^^ I spy Brad! ^^

People keep saying “Too bad Lucy is too young to remember your trip”, but I’m so happy to know that Brad and I will never forget it. Such sweet memories exploring with our little family! I also feel like even though she won’t remember these experiences, they will still shape who she grows up to be.  She’s was such a great sport and so patient rolling with all the unexpected punches when traveling. It rained hard core and I think it was Lucy’s highlight of the whole trip — She splashed in EVERY puddle, and laughed her head off! She would have jumped into the sea if I let her. (Scary) She also kept kissing us non-stop!? I’ve never seen her so happy before! She’s always teaching me and helping me gain new perspective, because I know that if she wasn’t with us I would have been super bummed  and frustrated about the weather… But the rainstorm was a huge highlight of our trip because of her happy little perspecitve. We were all soggy at the end of the day, but couldn’t have been happier.

Camera bag: Jototes