The other day Hailey mentioned something I will not easily forget. We were in the car and I was telling her how much I wanted specific adventures, new thrills, finding something new to conquer… She then replied, “I feel bringing our kids out to Europe is the greatest adventure!”. To some it might sound obvious and so simple. But for me at that time, it made me realize the true beautiful adventures I was missing right before my eyes. It was my perspective and my attitude, and it took that simple comment for me to realize that.

I wasn’t focused on what was right in front of me. I was looking elsewhere and not being present. Perhaps it’s because we’re connected to so many different lives through social media that it becomes easy to compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves. Or perhaps we’re moving so fast through life, going through the motions, the routines, that we forget to slow down, step back and be grateful, living our own unique story.

It’s easy to go by what the world says and add it as a template to your own life, giving you at times a different perspective or attitude. “You’re only successful if you do this…” or “You’re only pretty if you look like this…” or with marriage or kids they might say “time to give up your freedom…” or whatever other cliché sayings you might hear. If you allow it, those saying will become truth and will change your perspective and attitude.

I don’t have as much time to myself, but it’s because I now share a lot of my time with the one(s) that i love, which is interesting how selflessness brings purpose.

It was something so simple so obvious, but I’m grateful for my wife who helps me put things into it’s correct and positive perspective which helps me to have a more positive attitude. With the attitude of gratitude you will see the greener grass that surrounds you.