^^ I seriously love our Owlet! I can check on Greta wherever she is sleeping. So handy at nap time! ^^

Does anyone feel like people are being over critical of whats being shared on social media lately? Maybe taking it all a little too seriously? I’m feeling it now more than ever! Like being upset about feeling “lied to”, and posts not being “real” — and on the flip side, not supporting accounts that complain, and the aesthetic just isn’t pretty. I’m constantly torn about what type of content to share around here, because in all things I want to be genuine… But I love to think outside of the box and CREATE. And a lot of the time, my creative ideas go outside of my “real life situations”. I started this blog as not only a journal and a place to share my thoughts, but as a creative outlet. A space where I can put all the things that make me feel good. 🙂 And that’s what it is going to continue to be. I have to share what my friend Anna posted the other day, because I keep thinking about it with a huge AMENNN!

“Instagram has always been a creative outlet for me, and I have personally chosen not to share much of the every day lives of our children for their sake. However, as I continue to share style and design images, remember that this space for me is only meant to inspire an idea, encourage, and uplift. The best moments of my life are actually the insignificant ones…. Usually with a baby or two at my ankles while I’m sipping a coffee. I just choose to keep them just for me most of the time. So this is just a reminder for you and for me not to take this place so seriously, and that for most peeps, it’s just a highlight reel of a very real and imperfect life.” – Anna Liesemeyer


So I think it comes down to how we as viewers choose to look at social media. A lot of us need to quit taking it so seriously. It’s such a fun inspiring space, and the cool part is that we can use it however we want! No one is forcing us to follow anyone. Keep spaces around you that fill you with inspiration, and make you feel uplifted! I’m so excited for 2017, because Brad and I are really pushing our creative limits — It’s going to be a crazy year!

Sweater: Anthropologie
Denim: Madewell