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^^ Difficult to get anything done, with this little girl distracting us! ^^


We just finalized booking all of our trips for this year, and I can’t believe it is really happening! We’re going to Thailand, Japan, Iceland, England, Peru, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Austria. It’s going to be WILD, especially because we haven’t traveled very far with both Lucy & Greta yet! I feel pretty confident about flying with one child, and even though flying with two may be more of a challenge… I’m ready to BRING, IT, ON. Is it weird that I’m not so concerned about the actual flights with the girls, but all the packing!? We usually fly with Delta, and can pack everything we need (and more) with Brad’s status… But this year we’re experimenting and flying with some different airlines to try the ‘cheaper’ route, so it will be interesting. Especially when we fly to England for a month, and have to fit all of our luggage in two 40 lb bags… 😛 You win some, and you lose some when traveling on a budget!

There is so much that goes into booking flights, so I thought that I’d share some secrets on making it cost effective. When I went to Norway as teenager I spent $2K on my roundtrip flight, and now I’m smacking myself because we found roundtrip flights to Norway last year for $300… So make sure you explore ALL of your options when booking! We’ve been using websites like Skyscanner, but just be careful when booking with an airline that you’ve never heard of before. Look up some reviews so that you can know what you’re getting yourself into!

We have also been booking our international flights through major international airports that are close by us. Since we live in SLC, we search a lot of our international travel through LAX. Then we find cheap flights to LAX through Allegiant or Alaska. And typically if you book your tickets in the middle of the week, it’s slightly cheaper!? I know it’s weird, but it’s true! If we’re flying to Europe, we also keep our eyes on the ‘low fare’ calendar with Norwegian. We flew with Norwegian last year, and it was so cheap. I thought the experience would be really crappy, but it was actually really great. So I think it’s worth taking risks sometimes. 🙂

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