^^ Lucy posed and asked Brad to take her picture! I wonder where she gets that from!? 😉 ^^

Our second day in California, we woke up to a huge storm! We saw numerous trees that had blown over, and the highways were flooded — it was crazzzzzy! Or in Lucy’s words: “kinda freaky”. It didn’t stop us from going out in it though. 😉 I’m thankful that we brought our rain jackets, because it saved our bacon! Lucy and Brad jumped around in puddles and got sopping wet — Hence, he is the favorite parent right now. 😉

Lucy sang us songs as we walked around the cute neighborhoods in Balboa. We pointed out the houses that we’d dream to live in, and what our life would be like if we lived there. We’d definitely have a little boat, a cute colored home, and a garden with giant succulents! Then we realized that it wouldn’t be too different from where we live now. We live walking distance to a lake with boats, and live in a fun colored home… We’re just missing the succulent garden and warm weather — Which kinda sounds awesome, considering this 10 degree weather right now. 😉 The grass is always greener on the other side though, right!?

Rain jacket: REI
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Nordstrom
Lucy’s shoes: Adidas
Stroller: Uppa Baby