^^ My mother in law, Gladys! ^^
Here are our top 3 favorite stops that we did on the road to Hana! It was a rainy day, but seriously still so beautiful. Hiking through the bamboo forest was such an adventure — we were ankles deep in mud, bending under trees, and crossing rivers… It was such a different experience than our other days we spent on the beach! I loved it.  I was being so extra careful on the slippery hikes while carrying Lucy and being pregnant (Brad had all the camera equipment), and did great! Then later I was playing on the side of the road while holding Lucy, and totally fell right on my butt! Luckily no harm was done, but it was a lesson that you can never be too careful. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and have a chance to stop at these places if you ever go to Maui!

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We will be announcing our next trip soon, and would love for you to join us!