INTRODUCING: The rounder, cozier, version of Hailey Devine! 😉

How Far Along? 20 weeks Weight Gain: I don’t want to know! I’ve eaten chocolate chip cookies every night for a week now…. Maternity Clothes? I officially can’t fit into my regular clothes now. Sleep? Sleeping super well! Best moment this week? Brad feeling the baby kick for the first time! And watching Brad teach Lucy how to skateboard was hilarious. She’s been asking him to go skateboarding every day this week. Weird pregnancy moment? Not fitting into ANY of my clothes! It’s so strange to see your own body change so dramatically. It really is such a miracle to be able to carry a tiny human inside… Every time I feel down about how “big” I’m feeling, I’m shifting perspective to embrace this new rounder version of myself… Because it really is such a blessing. Movement: Yes! Especially at night! Food Cravings: Anything sweet, which is so weird because I usually have a major “salt tooth”. Anything making you queasy? Nope! Gender: I’m actually feeling like we are having a boy… I just found out that my sister Erika (who is due two weeks after me) is having a boy, and Brad’s sister Natalie (who is due one week after me) is having a girl! It’s awesome that we have a 100% chance of having the same gender as one of them! What I’m looking forward to: Our big ultrasound appointment in the morning! I’m anxious to see our little bean bounce around, and the reassurance that all the growth/heartbeat is going well.