I had the time of my life dressing Lucy and I in partnered costumes this halloween! I knew that I wanted to do something asian inspired because we would be spending the holiday here in Japan. I quickly remembered that I had this Harajuku Girl outfit from the Alt Summit party I co-hosted last winter, so I HAD to dress Lucy as Hello Kitty! The local’s reactions were priceless as we walked by, we definitely got some pictures snapped from strangers! Lucy coincidentally learned how to say pumpkin on Halloween – “pumpkie” – and I seriously DIE every time she says it! She also loved walking on her tippy toes in this costume and it was hilarious. I’m thankful that she kept her Hello Kitty ears on long enough to enjoy the costume. Why is it that the cutest age for babies to wear costumes is the age where they hate having anything on their head!? Haha – Anyway, she was such a good sport to run around and be silly with me. I will never forget that we got to dress up in Japan together! It was definitely one for the books.Sippy Cup: Munchkin || Owl Night Light: Munchkin || Fruit Toys: Munchkin