Our time spent here in Fiji is incredible, hard, and seriously life changing. I have missed Lucy, but I haven’t felt anxious or sick about leaving her. I think it’s because I have never felt like I have done something so right before. I have needed a softened heart, and being here has done exactly that. My life at home is go go go! And being here has taught me that slowing down and taking time to ‘recharge’ is so very needed. It has been so humbling to stay here in the village, and live how they live. Their life is so simple, and bursts with pure happiness. I reflect on my life at home, filled with so many unnecessary distractions.. I’m thrilled to get back with this new fresh perspective… To love Lucy in the ways these children have taught me to love, to focus less on unnecessary or materialistic things, and to focus more on the things that truly matter the most… The things that bring pure happiness.

Camera Backpack: Jototes || Sandals: Piper & Scoot || Swimsuit: Lime Ricki || Video: Haugen Creative