After hanging out at Seven Peaks the other night, we saw a little carnival on our way home! So we quickly pulled over, even though Lucy was all ready for bed (YOLO, right!?) Ha! I was feeling a bit self conscious about my soggy hair do, and Lucy strutting around in her jammies. When some cute girls approached us, I quickly apologized about how I looked. I hattttte when I do that, it’s complete word vomit! Why do I feel like I need to say sorry all the time? “Sorry my house is so messy.” – “Sorry my pasta isn’t that great.” – “Sorry this, sorry that.”Β I think that deep down.. I feel the need to have my life all put together, and I let my pride get in the way. I want to have a constant clean home, be all put together for the day, and have a home made meal on the table. The reality is, my day to day life is pretty chaotic — I do a lot! But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am me, and I should never apologize for that. πŸ™‚